About Us

Australian designer Debra Lee Cheyne approaches fashion with a fresh and distinctive approach, combining her passion for design and textiles to create a range of remarkable one of a kind garments. Debra’s label Butterscotch Castle is a fashion forward brand committed to supporting sustainable fashion whilst priding themselves on a zero carbon footprint.

Butterscotch Castle’s iconic designs were showcased at New York Sustainable Fashion week and have been sold worldwide. All shirts used to create the amazing designs are carefully sourced by the team at Butterscotch Castle. 


Debra Cheyne creates sustainable fashion by deconstructing end-of-season shirts and repurposing them into beautiful one-off designs. They pride themselves, on the quality of the shirts and also the uniqueness of each beautiful find. Butterscotch Castle has a zero carbon footprint and the work shop is ran completely by solar.